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Wow, Josh is REALLY hot! Another great show. » More

On FOF #1191 – The Joy of Being a Drag Queen

Awesome show!!! I really think this is one of your best – entertaining, educating, and thought provoking. In my mind, this took you guys... » More

On FOF #1184 – You Can Learn a Lot from a Whore

I love when Marsian is on! Another great show…you guys are hilarious. » More

On FOF #1181 – Woeful Tales of a Chocolate Whale

I’ve seen f*cking abortions that were more lifelike! – I love me some Deven » More

On Video: Hello – A Comedy Parody by Deven Green

Fausto, I think you are spot on regarding the writing on UB with Marc St. James and justin. Very touching » More

On FOF #1174 – Adios Ugly Betty