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The poetry in the show was amazing. I can’t say that I’ve actively sought out spoken-word performances in a long time, but from the sounds... » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

The Halloween Parade was a blast! What was funny about this one in B-Town was that they blocked off Halstesd, but partioned it so that... » More

On FOF #642 – Tricks and Treats

Great show! Seriously, this was such a fun show, with such great music and enthusiasm from Jen and the boys… awesomeness! I was priviledged enough... » More

On FOF #641 – Powerhouse Diva

Great show! I know my brother’s slogans are: “We’re straight, but we’ll still kick your ass if you call my brother a f**!” It’s a littel long, but... » More

On FOF #640 – Straight for Equality

I can totally see the delayed adolesence theory of gay men. I think we all see it. Hell, even Jon Stewart saw it when... » More

On FOF #638 – True Drew