FOF #638 – True Drew

Oct 26, 2007 · 1985 views

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Once is good, but twice is even nicer! Due to the overwhelming response from your comments and downloads, we’re bringing in our sexy friend Drew Persons from Thailand on the show for you to enjoy. […]


  1. Wesley says:

    lovely music; lovely podcast!

  2. hey, great show, as always! i tried to donate to your fund, but i cant because my debit mastercard doesnt work as a full credit card……soo i wll find a way, dont you worry.

    BIG HUGS!!!


  3. Xavi says:

    Sawatdi everyone (or to be campy, sawatdi-ka) (not sure how thai is romanized, but you get the picture) 😉

    Excellent show. Drew’s life experience doesn’t match his years. I’ve been an expat for most of my life so I always enjoy hearing about other expat’s experiences. I finally naturalized three years ago, so no longer an expat.

    I must admit I started laughing (once again, on the train) when I heard Drew say “I’m against promiscuity for health reasons” Health reasons, said the smoker. (You did say smoking was one of your addictions, right?)

    On to bathhouses. Bangkok has the best bathhouse in the world (not that my experience is all that broad): Babylon. Its been years since I’ve been there (I used to live in Japan and been to Thailand many times, first to visit Thailand, then as transit to other places in Asia), but the memories are still fresh. Babylon is extremely luxurious (just like a high end spa) with a library, steam rooms, saunas, pools, and restaurant (?!). On one trip (transitting to Cambodia, two days in Bangkok), I ran into friends while shopping during the day. We all agreed to meet at Babylon for dinner (dinner?!). It was such a fun night. 12 friends from all over the world (Mexico, Thailand, Japan, US, Canada, Russia, Ireland, France) sitting at dinner dressed in towels. Who knew a bathhouse could have amazing Thai food (even the Thais at the table agreed). AFter dinner we all went on our way. Sitting at dinner with 11 other friends from around the world in towels eating amazing food is still one of my favorite expat (surreal) memories.

    One of my favorite movies for 2007 (didn’t come out this year, i just watched in this year) was Iron Ladies. Based on true story of a gay volleyball team in Thailand going to the national tournament. great feel good movie.

    Drew, great show. Good luck with all your endeavors!

  4. I can totally see the delayed adolesence theory of gay men. I think we all see it. Hell, even Jon Stewart saw it when he had former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevy on his show.

    It seems like alot of gay men hold off on expression of self and sexuality untill they finally come out, and then at that point they have to experience the same emotional issues that most people (usually hetero) face when they are teens. Dealing with sex and attraction is not easy, and the awkwardness that comes with early expressions of sex and attraction is something that we all have to go through, no matter how old we are when it happens apparently. Everyone has to go through it all, there’s just no avoiding it.

    I think that is also why alot of gay men will not date recently out guys. I can’t speak for the female experience at all, so ladies jump in at any point, but for guys that period of sexual realiztion is hard and wierd and fun and strange… and not at all conducive to the sanity required for dating someone!

    Drew, I always took from your comments on the board that you were a smart fella, but these shows confirmed it! And your music is really good, especially for being homebrewed, good job!

  5. Amujan says:

    After these two shows I’m wondering if Drew ever came close to sex in his life – I mean other than living in the red lights district. For a guy this cute he must’ve got hit on and maybe fallen in love in the past and I’m curious if it never actually got so far and what kept him from having sex or how he handled situations in which someone clearly wanted to get it on with him (like Fausto ^^). Yeah I should’ve asked that via the messenger.. well get him back on, sometime.

    I’m absolutely with you in terms of adolesence. I do feel, that big part of what may have been the most important years of it, where kept from me and I now feel too old to “act out”, but I know others, who’re doing exactly that. There’s a gap between 16 and 21 for me – from learning that I’m gay and my first coming out. I wasn’t off the map in these years, but I always felt asexual in a sense. Now I’m coming to terms with not becoming younger again and dealing with the person I am now. I get the feeling some guys feel the need to act as if they were 10 years younger and also being stupid/reckless in the process.

    Do I sometimes feel betrayed not to have had all the experiences my heterosexual friends had at the time? Of Course. Do I want to get back and change it? No way. I’ve made many other choices, met a lot of people, made friends, lost some and that made me the person I am today and I am not willing to give that up for some fantasy of what might have been.

  6. Ventura79 says:

    kick ass show, and fuck that bitch Kathy Griffen, i love her but she should appreciate and come back and do one more show, as a follow up! still love her though!

    Drew, what a great live u’ve lived and ur just 21, keep up that determination and you will see many more great things you will achieve!

    and Guys, judging from the alerts last nite(from Twitter) , you guys are up pretty late working on the podcast, what can i say, i love the show even more!


  7. bradley says:

    Not sure if i really agree with the adolescence theory. it certainly makes sense, but I’ve seen tons of 30-somethings be super catty while at a bar, but be perfectly nice outside that arena. Gay men are, in my opinion, encouraged to be catty, judge each other constantly, etc; it seems to be what outside (straight) culture expects of us, and unfortunately, we fully embrace it.

    When i waited tables, i was a raging bitch on the server’s line. why? because i could get away with it. people were almost taken aback when i didn’t have some quick remark or judgmental thing to say. Now that I’m in an environment that would never accept that behavior, I can see how counterproductive it truly is.

    Ultimately, regardless of the age you come out, your own personal responsibility to act like an adult and treat people with respect has to kick in.

  8. Drew is no dummy! Super charming and kind as well.

  9. Dr. Thom says:

    I have a mathematical formula that helps us suss it all out…

    I was thinking about the delayed adolescence theory when I was talking to my sister, who is three years younger than me, and as far as love life goes, we were going through the exact same thing. I was 22 at the time, and she was 19! So thought up the Gay Age Formula. Copyright me. Or something.

    (Current age – age at which you came out) + 15 = your Gay Age.

    Heh heh. It’s not written in stone or anything, just sorta a fun thing to think about….

  10. RcktMan says:

    Having Drew on the show was an extra-special treat for all of us. He’s adorable, charming, incredibly intelligent and downright likable. It’d be great to have him on the show on a semi-regular basis to give us updates on the perspective of gay life — and life in general — on the other side of the world.

    As for the ‘catty, bitchy’ gay theory– I agree completely. There was a time when it was fun to be catty or bitchy, but we’ve taken it to a whole different level these days. And I agree with Bradley a few comments back that it’s not necessarily a youth-based problem– it’s a GAY-based problem. We feel that because we are gay we have a right to be cruel, and that spans all ages. It’s an unhealthy way to live.

    I’m all for some fun bantering between friends, but when it gets mean and hurtful, it’s like we’re back in grade school again. And if your childhoods were anything like mine, you know how mean kids can be!

    I think it’s refreshing to hear from a young, attractive gay man who isn’t so wrapped up in all of that. He definitely has a good head on his shoulders and knows not only WHO he is, but what he wants from life. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a great inspiration for all of us.

    Safe travels back home, Drew… see you on the forums!

  11. I would make such a crappy guest. My life is nothing in comparison to half the people interviewed.

    Great show, Drew is an awesome guest!

  12. I absolutely agree with Drew, on the comments about delayed adolescence. I’m kinda like that, in a way my adolescence was repressed for a short time. I came out at 10, though everyone already knew. (When i was 4 i told this guy i “want to have sex with you”). And I was able to find my own way because my mother was always, but not neglectfully absent, for me that was good. But whenever she was around or more frequently when I was in a place where I could literally have become Mathew Sheppard I was not me. This included church, school, with elder family, work, which for a introverted teen is pretty much the only places I went. I have always, well as far back as I can remember, been a little bitchy. I use it as humor, or sometimes to make myself feel better. It was only until recently that I realized that i developed this habit to deal with the fact that for 13 years of my 20yr old life I was maliciously picked on by people where ever I went. Being a awkward, gay, fat, as my mother says “swishy”, overly intelligent, and arrogant kid makes for one helluva punching bag. Being catty was my escape, and now its hard to break the habit. Though I am trying. I have been replacing “bitch no, you needs not be wearing that lime green leopard print spandex catsuit, with your cottage cheese thighs.” with “Tsk tsk tsk, at least those shoes are getting it.” I have become a well adjusted adult, and I have a handle on my emotions (I’m in school majoring in Psychology minoring in Sociology and world cultures, so I have to be at least as sane as I personally can be.). And as for the lady with lime green leopard print spandex catsuit, I live in Ferndale, MI right outside Detroit and well Detroiters are some interesting people.

    Great show today you guys, thanks Drew for being on the show.

  13. pokeymoan says:

    Drew you are amazing!!! I love your contributions to the show!!!

    khop phun khap!!! I hope I got it right!

  14. Fausto can slap me with is cock anyday!!! and ill be fine with it

  15. DKMPLS says:

    I loved Drew’s music. I hope he continue and releases an album some day.

  16. Superboy says:

    I love it when you guys have some smart hot studs on the show, besides yourselves of course. More of everyone! Gimme more, gimme more. When is Rosie coming on the show? If we all ask her on the site, maybe she’ll do it! GO ROSIE!!!

  17. Jon-paul says:

    Another great podcast full of humor. What I appreciate about Drew is he has come into his own as far as his thoughts and views at a fairly young age? His views are shared by a lot of indiviudals in the community. Whoever his future partner is will be a lucky man! He needs to sing more!

  18. So I really would have to agree with Drew about American gay men “Attitude.” I know more “bitchy” and rude gay men than straight. My ex boyfriend was hanging out with his gay college room mate and his friends. He got nothing but mocked for being straight. I mean what the fuck is that?

    It seems to be there is the gay bitchy drama queen “queer” and the “I’m going to kick your ass” dyke.

    There is zero reason for hate no matter who you are.

    The biggest drama queens I’ve ever known where gay men.

  19. Young says:

    I love that Drew brought it, put it up on the table, opened it up, and laid it out for us all to see. I totally love that you guys discussed the whole gay adolescence thing, and it’s another reason I adore the podcast overall. My ideas are a little different (we deflect attention from ourselves by drawing attention to others, and making comments, because we still believe we’re inherently flawed and if we draw attention to others we hope people won’t notice our flaws) but you guys definitely made me think.

    I adore Bangkok, I’m so jealous that Drew gets to go home to that place!!! The temples, the old city, it’s all so cool…

  20. Come visit me, Young! I’ll show you around Bangkok myself!

    Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone.
    I really appreciate it.

  21. michael says:

    Really interesting couple of shows. Never been to Thailand but it looks like a gorgeous place and it has an intriguing culture. Also, Thai food is really good. Is the stuff you find in North American restaurants similar to what you actually get in Thailand?

    There are lots of bitchy gay guys but there are also plenty who are really nice. The attitudes of the people around you have a lot to do with where you are and what your own attitude is.

  22. Henry says:

    And he can sing! wow, great music.. when does the CD drop? I like the samples ya’ll played. A great show. After listening, i made pad thai and other indian dishes… can’t wait for drew to make it back. don’t say away too long Drew.

  23. Macalla says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I grew up in Singapore and attended a ‘missionary school’, so I remember that exact song, ‘Jesus loves the little children’. I laughed out loud when Drew started singing it.

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