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VIDEO: If You Love Dancing Pandas, You Will Surely Love Nyan Cat Man

This amazing video really made my gloomy day bright and happy again. A great homage to the nyan cat song – truly amazing

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Robber Got His Balls Cut Off in Malaysia!

An unlucky robber got his just dessert when he is chased by his victim, resulting in his testicles ripped from his body in the ensuing chase God is looking up on us after all 🙂

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Me and Spider Hand Doing ’Bad Romance’

Me and my Ikea pet doing ‘Bad Romance’ – stupid harmless fun on a Friday night at home 🙂 check it out !

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The Magic Poo!

Greetings from Malaysia ! Got this great gift from my boss – and i just feel like sharing it with the whole worlD. Do check out  the video that is in this link – it […]

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On Ask Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano Anything!

LOL!! AMAZING!!! Good job » More

On VIDEO: Showgirls/Black Swan Mash Up

Darn it! I wish i am not in far far faraway land called Malaysia 😛 my spirit is with you guys though! All the best! » More

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