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Reply I couldn’t make the link function work. So lets see if this does. » More

On Homo Republicanis

Ryan or Marc… whom ever gets the credit, way to go. It was a fun interview. And Fausto you horn dog. It cracks... » More

On FOF #1428 – Mister Leather Europe’s American Vacation

Why would he agree to an interview and then not want to talk. Clearly Josh is used to having people talk for him or about... » More

On FOF #1347 – Million Dollar Coming Out Story

Boys, I’m sure you’re guests are great in their own right, but the combination of your style and their style (which resembles turets on speed) just... » More

On FOF #1116 – Vegas in Chicago

Marc and Fausto – Here are my iPhone App slogan suggestions: 1. “Have Gay?” There is an app for that! 2. Need some Gay in your... » More

On FOF #1107 – Sabrina Matthew’s Keen Eye