FOF #588 – Lights of Aurora

Aug 10, 2007 · 1985 views

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Happy Birthday Sal-E! A week and a half late, but still we want to wish you a Happy Birthday nevertheless. How did Sal-E celebrate his birthday? With a enormous circus themed party full of bearded […]


  1. A thought experiment…
    The strategy of let’s get tested TOGETHER BEFORE we have sex for A VARIETY of sexually transmitted diseases

  2. mandarin says:

    Happy belated birthday to Sal-E !!!
    I always love listening to his voice… it’s almost opiate, it’s so soothing =D

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Happy Birthday to Sal-E! Sounds like it was an incredible party. Hope you guys have fun at Market Days. Wish we could be there.

  4. One of the stranger episodes in quite a while, I must say.

    On the subject of Fausto and Marc’s…um…”issues”:

    (Radio voice) And that, dear listeners was yet another bulletin from WTMI: your source for news you’d rather have gone for the rest of your life without knowing! (/Radio voice)

    Other than that, great show.

  5. It happened again! right as I was doing some bench presses, with the weights at the zenith of all my lifting prowess (which is not much) I heard Fausto retelling how he was in the gym screaming like a queen when he saw the shark biting the idiot’s calf! and Sal-E following suit.. I cracked up so hard, I had to drop the weights with unsexy results! talk about embarrassing. It’s hazardous for my health, but I’m a slow learner, what can I say.
    Happy belated birthday Sal-E!

  6. MoocherX says:

    Same damn thing happened to me this morning crumbs. I can’t remember what Marc said that made me laugh… but I had to stop mid-lift, and it was a darned heavy one. Sorry guys, but unless I can sue you for a free margarita, you’re being relegated to the cardio part of my workout!

  7. You guys are gonna kill your fans! lol.

    I agree with mandarin… his voice is soothing and his looks are sot as hell!!! Happy birthday Sal!!!

  8. Hey guys, I am a couple of shows behind, but on your last show, your guest mentioned that “Strawberry Quick” is a “Urban Myth”. I wish he were correct. I am an administrator in a public school. Part of my job is discipline, search, and seizure. Unfortunately, I have found several students with “cheese”. “Cheese” is a big epidemic in Dallas with teenagers. It has killed several of our students. It is a mixture of Heroine and over the counter cold medicine. You can buy a hit for $2.00. You can sniff it, eat it, whatever. It is cheap, popular, and gives a quick high. Now they are mixing “cheese” with flavors, hence strawberry quick. Some of the kids are now calling it “Gold”. They keep switching the lingo to stay a step ahead of us. They don’t want us to understand them when I hear them in the hallway or read the notes I find in their binders. Here is a link to a school district in dallas If you look on the tool bar on the right, about three news stories down, you will see the link to the latest news on Cheese and the hope in containing it.

  9. Happy Birthday Sal! Sounds like a great party. On another note, please please please! stop refering to Buck Angel as she. I know it’s really offensive to me and other transguys I know that listen to the show. Buck presents as male and uses male pronouns and out of respects for the transguys that listen you should use them as well. If you don’t know what pronouns to use just ask.

  10. Daniel says:

    Happy b-day Sal!

    By the way, I have to make a comment on your mention of Satanism.
    As a Satanist (which was a recent conversion, by the way) I can tell you now that the number 666 is not held as some sort of magic number to Satanists. Just to clarify.

  11. This was my first time listening to your podcast, fracking hysterical!! I just downloaded a couple more so that I can hear more on my Ipod while on my nightly run.

    Just to let you know, a very high protein diet is what it takes. Heaps of meat!! If you don’t believe me try it for a week. You will need half a roll of paper towels after one session.

    just thought I’d let you know… 🙂

    The Persian

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