FOF #1271 – Amy and Freddy Got Talent

Oct 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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For over 15 years, Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen have been celebrated in nightclubs and gay resorts across the world for their hilarious mix of comedy, gay anthems and blue b-side songs.

Today Amy and Freddy join us to talk about life as entertainers, how a good gal pal can fight the blues and Amy’s long time romance with Chicago drag queen TeriYaki- yes folks, they almost got married, if you can believe it.


  1. seawall says:

    Wow, what a voice!

    Amy’s, I mean. Love y’all guys too, but that last song just blew me away.

  2. John says:

    I love love *love* Amy and Freddy! So glad you guys had them on – I even saw them at the Gentry and Voltaire back in the day when I would come to Chicago to visit my friends, and they were Grand Marshalls at DC Pride here a few years back – love you guys!

  3. Edward Cuneo says:

    AWESOME podcast!!! gotta try watch these two live!!

  4. RcktMan says:

    Four of my friends in one room! I can’t handle the fabulousness!!! Listening now. 🙂

    • RcktMan says:

      LOVED the interview and all the wonderful songs. They had a wonderfully intimate feel, which has always been one of my favorite things about when you feature musicians. Amy and Freddy are a Chicago treasure. I love that they are sharing their gifts with other places in the country (and around the world!) because they deserve to be heard.

      I’m so excited they have a new home at Rehab. It seems like a great place for a rebirth of cabaret as we remember it back in the Gentry days. Having briefly been a part of that scene myself (thanks to Amy and Freddy, by the way), I am sad that it has disappeared a bit from the radar. With venues like Rehab and Mayne Stage, and 3160 as well; hopefully we’ll see some new talent come up and show us their stuff.

      I love you guys… all of you. This made my day. 🙂

      • You know they really know their music too, they aren’t just pretty faces. I would love to see an entire album of off-color raunchy songs from Amy and Freddy.

        Truly a joyful duo who bring nothing sunshine and warmth into everything they do.

  5. Jeff says:

    We are SO HAPPY to have Amy & Freddy performing at the new Rehab Cabaret @ Circuit Nightclub! Amy & Freddy will be performing every Wednesday from 9pm-12am. Come out on Fridays from 9pm-12am for OPEN MIC with Amy & Lloyd!

  6. Trevor says:

    Love the interview and love Amy & Freddy! Can’t wait to see you guys back in Portland this coming February. xox

  7. Joe Benson says:

    It is taking me all day to listen to this show since I don’t want it to be over, I keep switching to other pod cast to make this one last longer. Seen them in Portland a couple times and its been well worth it every time.

  8. aussieman says:

    What a fantastic voice! Amy and Freddy are sensational- I want to be like her when I grow up. Great show, guys!

  9. brixtondawg says:

    was that madge weinstein on keyboards???

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