FOF #2554 – Christmas By Melania

Nov 30, 2017 · 487 views

The nightmare before Christmas: comedian Erin Diamond takes on the reluctant First Lady Melania Trump in “Chrismtas By Melania.” Photos: Erin Diamond,

In a perfect world, we believe that Melania Trump wouldn’t be our nation’s First Lady, and you know what? She’d probably agree with us. Ever since we were introduced to the third Mrs. Trump during the election, the world has been baffled at how Republicans overlook her many flaws and her icy cold demeanor.

From plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech, to her attempts at exploiting her position for financial gain, to her nude lesbian photo shoot from 1995, it seems Melania would rather be anywhere else than living in the White House.

Today comedian Erin Diamond joins us to take a closer look at the world’s most unlikely first lady. Erin plays Melania in her new show “Christmas By Melania,” a holiday TV spectacular that also doubles as an hour long perfume commercial.


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