FOF #2805 – Pissi Myles Goes to Washington

Nov 21, 2019 · 1985 views

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Pundits are calling the impeachment hearings a circus, so there had to be a clown – enter drag queen Pissi Myles who put a little pizzazz into politics by covering the hearings in full drag for the Happs News channel. At over six feet tall with big hair and heels, Pissi caused quite a sensation when she went through security to talk to the nation’s representatives.

Today award winning drag queen Pissi Myles joins us to talk about her experience becoming “The Impeachment Queen.”


  1. Two questions for progressives:

    1. If one can’t use federal money to fund an abortion how would abortions be possible under medicare for all? Health care should be universal, but does it mean it should be provided by the government? Shit. That’s two questions.
    2 more than half of student debt is for grad school. Does it make sense to forgive this debt? Related to this, do wealthy student’s need to be subsidized by taxes to pay for university?

    When having conversations about the dem primary i wish everyone would finish the conversation by saying: I’m supporting x, but if x doesn’t win, i will vote for the nominee. I’m not a democrat, can’’t vote in the primary and I’m already committing to voting for the nominee (and hoping its not warren or sanders).

    • Thanks for your great comments Xavier! “Rich people will get healthcare and education for free” is usually the argument made against healthcare equality, despite these policies being in action in pretty much most western nations.

      The reality is that Amazon paid zero in taxes last year, while millions of Americans went into bankruptcy for their healthcare bills. That’s a glaring problem. Also for some reason Republicans have wanted to destroy education in this country because they wrongly believe that a less educated population would be easier to control.

      The reality is that all our innovation has stemmed from our educational institutions that have been subsidized by our tax dollars. We know that letting the ultra wealthy not pay taxes doesn’t accomplish much, but investing in our people makes America Great.

      I’m not sure if this addresses your concerns, does it?

  2. Students, not student’s

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