FOF #2672 – The Blue Wave is a Rainbow

Nov 8, 2018 · 2048 views

Positive reinforcement: after voting we treated ourselves to pizza and grocery store sushi. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

ATTENTION: We have some horrible breaking news. The United States is in a Constitutional Crisis. President Trump has fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and removed all oversight of the Mueller investigation, installing a loyalist and putting the rule of law at risk. Please join the protest “Nobody is Above the Law” at 5pm today Thursday November 8 and speak out. To learn where to go in your city, visit

You know the 2018 Midterm Elections were a big deal when all drag queens were telling their fans to vote. Vivacious told her peeps that “If you are republican, please know I do not want you in my life.” Bob the Drag Queen partnered up with a cosmetic company to bus voters in Minnesota while Muffy Fishbasket said “never get so complacent and comfortable that we have to fight this hard again.”

A blue wave crashed upon the shores of Washington D.C. with Democrats taking over the House where a record number of women of color were elected and Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois elected Democratic governors.

But was it a blue wave or more like a blue splash? Republicans gained seats in the Senate and key Governor races in Florida and Georgia were lost, possibly due to voter suppression.

And the biggest news of all- a scared and gloomy Trump fired Jeff Sessions in hopes of stopping the Mueller investigation from indicting his son Donald Trump Jr. for lying about his 2016 meeting with Russian officials to help his father win the election.

Today we’re taking a look at the 2018 Midterm Elections- how big was the blue wave, what will happen to Trump, and which handsome, sexy guest from Feast of Fun just got elected to office?

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