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FOF #2805 – Pissi Myles Goes to Washington

Pundits are calling the impeachment hearings a circus, so there had to be a clown – enter drag queen Pissi Myles who put a little pizzazz into politics by covering the hearings in full drag for the Happs News channel. At over six feet tall with big hair and heels, Pissi caused quite a sensation when she went through security to talk to the nation’s representatives.

Today award winning drag queen Pissi Myles joins us to talk about her experience becoming “The Impeachment Queen.”

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FOF #2804 – My Simple Christmas Wish

As kids we asked for all kinds of wacky holiday presents but one 10 year old girl’s Christmas wish list is going viral for its particularly ambitious requests which include a new phone, designer purses and shoes, pink duct tape and $4,000 in cold hard cash.

Today comedian Shannon Noll joins us to look at outrageous Christmas presents we wanted as kids and how much you’d need to spend if your kid asked you for all the things on this notorious list.

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FOF #1662 – Getting in Touch with the Bitch Inside

Sometimes, my dear, being a high riding bitch is all anyone has to hold on to. Bitch – a Being In Total Control of Herself, knows how to tell the world “hell to the no!”

Today we’re joined by the hilarious Meredith Kachel talks about how to say no to person that’s bugging you to drive them to their naked yoga class.

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FOF #1637 – My Boyfriend is Huge

The fabulous comedian Meredith Kachel hares with us some hilarious stories about her boyfriend’s large endowment. Plus. why straight men like to cry and what it’s like to hook up with a Children’s TV actor.

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FOF #1635 – Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan

Hey girl, did you hear? Over the weekend, Mitt Romney announced his BFF, the ultraconservative U.S. Representative Paul Ryan.

Today the very funny James Fritz shares his outrageous joke on Rick Santorum sexual appetite. Will Paul Ryan help Republicans, or is he just Sarah Palin in drag?

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FOF #1628 – The Olympic Olympics

Before we started the Feast of Fun podcast, we use to put on a drag queen variety shows called Feast of Fools.

Today, we’re dusting off one of our favorite chestnuts from that era – the Olympic Olympics- a skit in which a foolhardy drag queen wants to go under the knife in order to qualify in the sport of women’s solo synchronized swimming.

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VIDEO: Colonel Saunders Goes Gay

The chicken wars are raging as John Goodman goes gay as Colonel Saunders.

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VIDEO: Randy Rainbow Works at Chick-fil-A

Happy Chicken Pride Ya’ll!

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Chick-Fil-A’s Lame Excuse

You heard that the Muppets cut their with Chick-Fil-A over the company’s policy of donating money to anti-gay hate groups? Now here’s the fast food company’s lame response. They’re issuing a recall over safety issues, […]

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Do not piss off Miss Piggy

I had no idea that Chick-Fil-A had a Muppets toy tie-in with their kiddie meals. The Jim Henson company has cut their ties to the politically conservative fast food chain, and just posted the following […]

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