FOF #2769 – Can’t Keep a Good Drag Queen Down in the Grave

Aug 18, 2019 · 2067 views

Putting the fun back in funeral, The Story Theatre’s Terry Guest and Co-Artistic Director, Paul Michael Thomson tell the story of Terry’s drag queen uncle at “At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen.” Photos: Fausto Fernós.

Which queen among us doesn’t dream of being thrust into the realm of legend where our name will be remembered long after we are gone?

But who’s gonna be around to tell the tale of you in the future? The haters, or the ones who loved and nurtured?

Who will like our selfies when we’re gone? Marc Felion, Paul Michael Thomson, Fausto Fernós and Terry Guest. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

For Courtney Berringers, a black drag queen from the small town of Albany, Georgia, who died from complications from AIDS back in the mid 2000s, it’s her nephew, Terry Guest, who tells her tale in his new play “At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen.”

Today playwright and star of “At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen” Terry Guest and his co-star Paul Michael Thomson join us to talk about bringing back Terry’s deceased drag queen uncle Courtney Berringers and her gal pal Vickie Versailles back to life in this innovative play at the The Story Theater.

Listen as we chat with Terry and Paul about summoning the spirit of a late great drag queen!

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