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FOF #2971 – A Covid Nurse’s Tale of the Pandemic

Why are folks still not wanting to get a covid vaccine? Some of these people say “you just don’t know what’s in it” are also the folks who will happily swallow a fistful of Oxycodone or take some Ecstasy they found on the floor of a nightclub.

Now if a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, maybe we can reach the holdouts by offering free drugs with every vaccination?

Today comedian Carma Nibarger joins us to talk about her experience working as a nurse during the Covid Pandemic at a Chicago hospital where almost 100% of all patients were being treated for Covid infections.

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FOF #2946 – The Tea on Tina Turner

In the new documentary film, Tina, the Queen of Rock and Roll has the final word on her growing poor, her relationship with Ike Turner, and how she became one of the world’s most celebrated artists.

The new documentary is gonna get you hooked on Tina all over again.

But despite its in-depth look at the pop icon’s life, many amazing things were briefly touched on or left on the cutting room floor, so today is Tina Turner day, where we look at the life and legacy of this one of a kind diva.

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FOF #2769 – Can’t Keep a Good Drag Queen Down in the Grave

Which queen among us doesn’t dream of being thrust into the realm of legend where our name will be remembered long after we are gone?

Today, playwright and star of “At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen” Terry Guest and his co-star Paul Michael Thomson join us to talk about bringing back Terry’s deceased drag queen uncle Courtney Berringers and her gal pal Vickie Versailles back to life in this innovative play at the The Story Theater.

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FOF #2669 – Raiders of the Lost Cocks

When someone dies, loved ones will often keep a remembrance of the deceased like a lock of hair, but when the rich, famous and powerful die, people ask for a whole lot more.

Today the fabulous Matt Brown joins us to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos by looking at the unexpected adventures of the body parts of dead celebrities.

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FOF #1864 – Strange, Horrifying and Adorable Diseases

We have this idea that modern medicine can fight any kind of illness no matter how strange, but in reality there are many diseases that are so rare and bizarre doctors don’t know what to do. Today we’re taking a look at the strange, terrifying and adorable diseases that plague humanity. Joining us is Brian Sweeney, who seems like he’s always sick with something.

Listen as we talk about Blue Skin Disorder, Saturday Night Fever, Bitch Tits, Vampire disease and the adorably furry Werewolf disorders.

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FOF #1828 – When TV Stars Die

The tragic death of actor Cory Monteith presents a huge challenge for the producers of the TV show Glee- how do you write off a character on a comedy show that everyone knows is never coming back?

Today we take a look at how some popular TV shows handled the unexpected deaths of their stars or had to kill off their characters. How the fans react to their favorite stars being written off tv shows.

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FOF #1510 – Adventure Awaits

How can we find joy and happiness when we’re surrounded by sad sacks and stuff that we have to do that’s boring as hell?

Join us for this plus Bronies, unicorns and magic ponies- why some guys are fans of My Little Pony.

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Lesbian Skeletons Locked in Embrace for All Eternity

A pair of female skeletons, who buried holding hands around 1,5000 years ago, has been unearthed by workers renovating a palace in Modena, Italy. The women, who are probably nobles, are buried in a joint […]

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Who Lives and Who Dies on GLEE?

In the episode before the season finale, titled “Funeral,” sources confirm that there will be MULTIPLE deaths of several “things” on GLEE, with one being a MALE character! Matthew Morrison says “Somebody’s dying. Obviously I’m […]

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UK’s Oldest Tweeter Dies at 104

Ivy Bean had 52,000 followers on Twitter at the time of her death at 104. She tweeted about her daily life and her friends and she was followed by quite a few famous people. Her […]

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