FOF #2901 – Art in the Age of COVID-19

Oct 19, 2020 · 1985 views

Neverfear, Here is here! Hereclitus “Here” Vernon. Photos: Here Vernon.

At the height of the AIDS crisis, Americans faced an uncertain future. Our healthcare system wasn’t prepared for a pandemic and Republicans in government were happy to watch people die. Sound familiar?

During those heartbreaking times, artists made sense of the overwhelming despair by giving voice to the isolation people felt and they helped guide our communities forward through a world that had abandoned them.

Today, performance artist Hereclitus Vernon joins us to talk about being one of the first people to come down with COVID-19 during the early days of the quarantine. Seven months later, Here is still dealing with the health consequences of the coronavirus.

Listen as Here takes us on the journey for the fight of their life and how they used the power of art and meditation to help heal themselves.

Plus- a look at the groundbreaking art made during the AIDS crisis of Diamanda Galás, Tim Miller, and Marlon Riggs whose film Tongues Untied almost got Republicans to shut down funding for Public Television.

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