FOF #2935 – Unfolding the Gotmik T-Shirt Controversy

Feb 15, 2021 · 1985 views

Solid gold: Kareem McJagger is your Valentine’s Day Treat. Photo: Kareem McJagger.

For 13 seasons RuPaul’s Drag Race has been bringing underground artists into the mainstream, and sometimes the world is just not ready for the gag. This time, the latest greatest gasp for air is a t shirt designed by drag queen Gotmilk which prominently displays the scars from their top surgery.

Oooh, you got controversy!

Gotmik’s t shirt alludes to the famous “boobs on a t-shirt” design that Viviennne Westwood made for the Sex Pistols which celebrated the feminist anti-bra movement of the 70s, but this new design featuring Gotmik’s chest scars essentially has the same message – ditch what’s bothering you and fly free!

(Right) Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte works the runway sweetie in Vivienne Westwood’s 2016 Menswear Showcase in Milan. (Left) The original design for the SEX store. (Center) Gotmik’s top surgery focused version of the design.

Today NYC drag personality Kareem McJagger joins us to take a look at Gotmik’s controversial new t shirt design and what exactly was Tessica Brown trying to do with that Gorilla Glue Spray to lay an edge. What does it mean to lay an edge?


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