FOF #2955 – Kate Willett: Dirtbag Anthropologist

Apr 28, 2021 · 1985 views

Baby get the shoes, get the shoes baby! Comedian Kate Willett dresses to impress on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Photos: Anja Ulfeldt, Mindy Tucker and CBS Television.

With all the challenges we faced recently, it feels like all our relationships have grown closer. Yet sometimes it also feels like we’re a million miles apart. So like Paula Abdul sings- we take two steps forward, two steps back, how do we come together when opposites attract?

When comedian Kate Willett suddenly found herself wanting to date men again after divorcing a woman, she wondered what kind of place she could hold in her life for men and not let it get too weird.

In her new audiobook Dirtbag Anthropology, Kate Willett takes us on an intense roller coaster ride into the world of men. The audio series features hilarious and insightful conversations with comedians. experts and even Kate’s own father.

Today Kate Willett joins us to take a look at men, men, men. Listen as we chat with Kate about modern masculinity and how that nice guy doesn’t always end up being so nice.

Plus lots of hilarious animal news:

Bart the “Zombie Cat” who became internet famous in 2015 for surviving being buried alive is doing amazing today.

Folks are smuggling songbirds from Africa to compete in American Idol-like bird singing competitions.

Prancer the mean little chihuahua that’s a vessel for ‘Haunted Victorian Child’ gets it’s forever home.

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