Feeding the Military Muscle – Jeff Kurtz

Feb 21, 2022 · 1985 views

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When it comes to putting on muscle, if you want to get big, you have to eat big. But what kind of nutrition you need to get there isn’t always clear, especially when you’re pushing your body to get huge and freaky.

Today boot camp fitness instructor and nutritionist Jeff Kurtz from Ann Arbor, Michigan joins us to look at food, glorious food, bodybuilding nutrition and why inflammatory foods may be holding back your gains.


  1. Mark, I’m your age, and in the 70s my family got interested in health food, plus I’m trained in biology, so I have developed a solution to frying eggs for breakfast.

    The problem with frying is more than just the extra calories, it’s the toxins produced by subjecting the reactive molecules to high temperatures. The worst fried food is that which is breaded and fried in polyunsaturated oil. Monounsaturated and saturated fat are less reactive. If you can avoid browning the food, that reduces the toxin production. The starch in a bread coating is also reactive and creates toxins at high temperatures.

    So here’s my technique: I keep a stick of butter in the freezer, and as the non-stick skillet is heating up, I paint a thin layer of butter on the bottom. Butter stays spread-out, so you can get away with less of it than oil, which pools. If you overheat it, it will burn, so that’s your high temperature indicator.

    By the way, I heard on a science podcast a few years ago that they (plural, unspecified antecedent) discovered two different types of LDL cholesterol. One is promoted by trans fats and is associated with cardiovascular disease. The other is promoted by native saturated fat and is correlated with testosterone. All the old studies confounded the two types of saturated fat and cannot be relied upon.

    Thanks for the series Let’s Grow Big Together! Thanks for all you do!


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