John Coons & Jonah Wheeler Make Beautiful Music Together

Feb 6, 2024 · 1985 views

John Coons and Jonah Wheeler, photos by: John Coons, David Arenas and NewCrossPH.

Couples that play together, stay together. Creating something fun and sharing it with the world is a great opportunity to connect with someone you love.

Today we’re having a double date with musical partners and lovers John Coons and Jonah Wheeler. For John and Jonah a date night usually involves putting on a musical show filled with outrageous humor and grim topics.

John Coons background as an opera and jazz singer has gotten him some amazing gigs with the Boston POPS, Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer and my good friend Sxip Shirey.

Jonah Wheeler is well known for his sexy videos on membership platforms where he plays it hot all while subverting people’s expectations.

For folks who are wanting to bare it all, what’s a good way to strike the balance between embracing the human body and not getting shut down on social media?

Listen as we chat with John and Jonah about their Valentine’s Day plans, our new favorite obsession and their hilarious show in Chicago this Wednesday at the Newport Theater “BLEAK: Songs for the Not-Quite-End of the World.”

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