Joel Bryant on Jumping Through Obstacle Courses and Comedy

Jan 25, 2024 · 1985 views

Joel Bryant – photos courtesy of Joel Bryant.

There’s a belief that fitness and comedy are at odds with each other. We’ve seen many comedians get jacked and then they don’t appear to be as funny. Carrot Top famously said he stopped bodybuilding because it didn’t fit his style. Dave Chappelle put on muscle and started trolling trans people, and who can forget those awful Bud Light TV ads from the 80s where Joe Piscopo dressed up in drag and flexed his bulging biceps?

But even for all those comedic tragedies, Instagram is packed with muscle men who get the laughs and the lifts.

Let’s Grow Big Together, I mean, Welcome to Feast of Fun! The podcast that always makes you sore in all the right places.

Today comedian and obstacle course athlete Joel Bryant joins us to chat about racing, lifting and comedy.

When he’s not working as a comedy host or doing stand up, Joel is dodging giant foam blocks in an American Ninja style race or crawling through the mud in a Tough Mudder.

Listen as we pit Joel Bryant against the AI robot to see who is funnier, muscle man or machine?


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