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FOF #2941 – A Gay Marine’s Story of Surviving War, Cancer & Journalism

At the young age of 17, James Curry hoped to escape a hostile home by enlisting in the Marines, and ended up right in the middle of the terrible War in Iraq.

Today, Peabody award winning journalist and writer James Curry joins us to talk about his new book Staying Alive: Surviving Abuse, Fighting a War and Beating Cancer- My First Twenty-Five Years.

James survived his tour of duty by hiding being gay under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, but then after returning to civilian life, lost his first boyfriend and ended up homeless.

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BREAKING NEWS: Video of Alleged Child Abuse by Texas Judge

Before you click the link and watch the video: TRIGGER WARNING for those sensitive to the sounds and imagery of emotional and physical violence. This video has gone viral and Twitter especially is aflame with […]

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In Chile, “Fag” Means “Woman Beater”

Chile’s new anti-abuse public service announcement surprised me with the use of the Spanish word for “fag” to mean “a man who mistreats a woman.” I guess in Chile “maricón” means “chicken” or “coward” and […]

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FOF #852 – Standing Up to Bullies

Bullies! Those awful people who abuse and manipulate you. What makes a person want to be like that? What gives them power? What happens when they grow up? Not only are a lot of young […]

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