FOF #852 – Standing Up to Bullies

Oct 2, 2008 · 1985 views

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Bullies! Those awful people who abuse and manipulate you. What makes a person want to be like that? What gives them power? What happens when they grow up? Not only are a lot of young […]


  1. Jesus Mary and all that’s holy I haven’t even listened yet but I’m so excited the site is back up! I’m been going through total FOF withdrawal, pining, YEARNING to hear the sweet sweet sound of Fausterocious and Marcmendous.

  2. We’re all glad to be back. Thanks to the web developers who worked on getting us back up.

  3. And Beverly, have I told you that we both think you’re fabulous?

  4. It’s a good thing I was already seated at my diamond-studded-swivel-executive-desk-chair when I read that comment, Fausto, because it made my knees weak!

  5. hakeem says:

    input your comment here… have a pro gay, gay friendly, gay nuirtering n developing, teach to function. gay sex education. encourage. great work places for some what stereotypical gay loves music, drama, musical theatre, etc would be a great school

  6. hakeem says:

    input your comment here… str8 ppl can come to or make the school amazing n str8s jealous
    gald you back love you

  7. I saw Patti LuPone in “Gypsy” for my birthday at the end of September this year. She was amazing!

  8. Rich says:

    What good will a GLBT high school do in Chicago if students aren’t “out”? AND, will coming out to their parents so they can attend increase the problem with parents kicking them out onto the streets? Better to deal with the issue in the mainstream schools than create a false sanctuary.

  9. Wonderful conversation. Thank you for having it and having Jason on the show. I particularly found the concept of compulsive repetition fascinating and insightful. This is a conversation we should all be having more often. Thank you!

  10. JimLJd says:

    I agree with Tricky Toro- thanks to Marc, Fausto and Jason for bringing up such an important topic about abusive people and the role they play in our lives, both as children, teens and adults. I also like how you guys position GLBT people as the recipients and deliverers of this type of abuse.

  11. Fausto, I totally agreed with your tangent on attractive people and celebrities becoming uncomfortable and eventually crazyfied (…) by the attention they get.

    This was a really great Podcast FYI

  12. Saman says:

    Fausto & Marc, thanks for choosing this topic because I had been with a VERY possessive boyfriend for 7 years and wish I could hear this then :).

    Anyway, I will not let that happen to me again but just in case, I know how to handle a similar situation or to look at the it in a different angle and tackle it.

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