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FOF #2847 – Uncle Jack’s Gay Glory Days

For most folks it’s been a little over a week of self isolation to ward off the coronavirus pandemic. Marooned in our own places like the Swiss Family Robinson, we have to make the best of what we got, and it sometimes feels like things may never get back to that dirty word “normal.”

Today queer media pioneer Jack Ryan joins us to chat about his adventures in Chicago’s club scene in the 70s and 80s before the AIDS crisis hit hard.

Listen as Jack talks about the wild nights of drugs and disco that transformed over the years into more nights of even drugs and House music.

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FOF #2846 – Fighting Coronavirus by Looking at the History of AIDS

For folks who lived through the early AIDS pandemic, there’s a real sense of dread over coronavirus. Republicans failed to take early action on AIDS and we are still living with the repercussions of that. And just like HIV and AIDS, LGBTQ+ people are especially vulnerable to coronavirus, so we must ask – are we prepared to suffer the same fate as we did with the AIDS crisis?

Today, Dr. Steven Thrasher, professor of journalism and LGBTQ Health at Northwestern University joins us to look at coronavirus and AIDS: how both of these epidemics impact LGBTQ+ people, incarcerated folks and rural Americans.

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FOF #2681 – Tie a Red AIDS Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree

In 1991, a coalition of artists called Visual AIDS created the Red Ribbon public awareness campaign by boldly putting a red ribbon on the seat of all the attendees of the Tony Awards and brought the national conversation about AIDS out of the shadows and into the light.

Today we take a look at the history of the powerful statement that is the Red AIDS Ribbon that helped ignite a change in a world that would rather not talk about homosexuality, sex work or drug use, let alone HIV & AIDS.

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FOF #1837 – Peaches Christ is the New Black

The genre of Women in Prison films began as a way for filmmakers to subvert censors in order to feature women in highly erotic sadistic and bondage situations.

Today Peaches Christ takes us behind bars into her favorite Women in Prison films, and shares with us all the juicy gossip about the actors who make up Orange is the New Black.

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FOF #1836 – Do Not Mess with Roxy Brooks

Last night members of ACT-Up stormed a promotion for Stoli vodka at a popular gay bar in New York City holding signs that read “Russia Kills Gays.” But drag queen Roxy Brooks who was hosting the event was pissed off that people were trying to interrupt her show, so as she saw security dragging the protesters away, she yelled at them “This is America, Not Russia!”

Today we’re chatting with Roxy Brooks about what happened and why she’s still standing by her man, the Stoli Vodka Company.

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FOF #1572 – When Your HIV Status Becomes Your Facebook Status

Brian Heckler joins us to tell his story about recently becoming HIV positive, the love and support he got from his friends and community and the struggles he faces with his family.

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