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FOF #2370 – X-Men: Swimsuit Edition

For years, fans of superstar athletes and comic book superheroes have had a love-hate relationship with their ripped bodies. Despite their obvious sex appeal, some folks aren’t liking how Captain America or gymnast Sam Mikulak have been turned into pin-up models.

Today, nightclub community organizer, comedian Adam Guerino joins us to take a look at the very real and imagined world of sexualized super heroes and superstar athletes.

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FOF #2189 – Drag Queens Banned from Pride

Free Pride Glasgow, an alternative to the Scottish city’s main Pride celebration is raising over-plucked eyebrows across the world for banning drag queens from performing at their event because they make some trans people feel “uncomfortable.”

Listen as we take a look with Adam Guerino at why some trans folks are perfectly ok with drag queens and why some are offended.

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FOF #2089 – How To Get People to Come to the Show

You’d think with social media and the internet, it’d be a breeze to get people to come see your show, but it’s not. With the increased connectivity, we are presented with so many more options it can be overwhelming.

Today the fierce and fabulous Trannika Rex and Adam Guerino join us to kiki about some wild and creative ways they’ve gotten folks out of their rocking chairs and into their clubs.

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FOF #1131 – Payback is a Bytch

The popular online community 4chan declared YouTube Porn Day, asking people to upload innocent looking videos mixed with porn images to extract revenge on behalf of a little boy whose account was yanked.

Adam Guerino joins us with the Puterbaugh sisters to talk about auditioning for insane reality TV, fake jingles and recreating SNL skits as kids. Plus: Eartha Kitt as Lady Gaga, Kirstie Alley tells a gay blogger to go suck one, Celebrity Nut Grabs and Jane Lynch is getting married!

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FOF #1109 – The Year of Hell

What a miserable year! As 2009 comes to an end, we’re reminded of what a terrible year it was for not just the nation, but for gay people as well.

But it’s not all bad. 2009 was also a year where millions of people felt empowered to stand up and say “I want my rights” and a lot of people had some sexy good times. Comedian Adam Guerino joins us to find the healing power of laughter inside all the misery. Listen as we look at the impact of the ugly Christmas sweater on this holiday season and the worst Christmas presents ever given.

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FOF #1060 – Sorry, I’m Not Gay

Comedian Adam Guerino talks about how he’s usually the first gay man many straight guys meet and that after his performance they compellingly tell him “sorry guy, I’m not gay.” Hunters, a gay bar in the suburbs of Chicago implements a new rule asking customers to show ID that matches their “gender representation” in efforts to reduce prostitution at their bar.

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FOF #1003 – Between the Sheets

You can lie in bed, lay in bed, die and even pray in bed. You can laugh in bed give your heart or break your heart in half in bed. But never ever can you […]

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FOF #971 – California vs. Hilton

On today’s Feast of Fun- comedian Adam Guerino brings his gal pal, Beth Stelling over to talk about their hilarious upcoming shows in Chicago. Beth has Daddy issues she still hasn’t resolved, and we’re trying […]

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FOF #940 – Steamworks Spectacular

Let’s all go to Steamworks! On today’s show we pick up our microphones and head on down to the sexiest place on earth- Steamworks gym sauna and baths to put on a show. Listen to […]

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FOF #917 – The Politics of Failure

The politics of failure is taking center stage. Today we take a look at three fallen leaders and their relationship to the media. President Richard Nixon interviewed by David Frost. The film Frost/Nixon received several […]

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