FOF #917 – The Politics of Failure

Jan 26, 2009 · 1985 views

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The politics of failure is taking center stage. Today we take a look at three fallen leaders and their relationship to the media. President Richard Nixon interviewed by David Frost. The film Frost/Nixon received several […]


  1. J-Public says:

    Wall Street Journal NON-CONTRACT National Edition Rates fo Ads:

    Full Page:
    B/W: $206,579.52 Color: $264,426.26

    Source: WSJ webpage.


    USA Today National Edition Rates for Ads:

    Full Page:
    Mon-Thurs: B/W $112,800 Color: $178,700

    Friday: B/W $137,700 Color: $217,900

    Source: USA Today webpage

  2. Prices that are IN-sane! No wonder newspapers are going out of business. A lot of national papers offer regional pricing, which may be cheaper.

  3. Fausto, Don’t count out Mickey Rourke for “The Wresler” for best actor!
    And when are you going to post my post-Broadway blog 🙂

  4. Troy says:

    Marc & Fausto, Thanks for mentioning the Lifetime movie “Prayers for Bobby” on today’s show. I too watched it Saturday night and literally sobbed in a few places at how much I could relate. There are those of us who battle with exactly what that movie was depicting on a day-to-day basis and I’m one of them. Grew up in a very conservative, Christian home/church where being gay was really not discussed other than how wrong it was. So as a young boy and teen you can imagine (as you saw with Bobby’s character) the inner battle and stress that is fought. You begin to feel like Dr. Jekel & Mr. Hyde trying to please those who “taught you better” and what you are feeling emotionally and physically with men.

    Thankfully, my parents and siblings did not react the way Bobby’s mother did or I may have ended up in the same sad situation.

    However, being the good Christian young man I tried to be and wanted to be normal, I did get married to only complicate matters thinking my “gayness” would vanish. But as I’ve learned the hard way, it doesn’t. Now divorced, I’ve been asked not to return back to our church and if I did they would physically drag me out in front of my children, My ex-father-in-law (also a pastor) also told me at my last visit to his church back in 2006 that he was going to place men around me at all times while I was there (and he did) and if I made any kind of disturbance during the service he would call the police and have me arrested. I was devastated.

    Those who knew me just weeks before my revelation thought of me as “the nicest guy you’d ever meet” was now being treated like some diseased animal or something. I was crushed, yet, the battle rages within to where sometimes my conservative upbringing and same-sex longings clash so badly that you can see why Bobby in the movie couldn’t handle it any more. I’ll admit those thoughts were going through my head early on, but not any more.

    Slowly I have come to grips with who I am despite the negativity and rejection by those who were supposed to be my friends. The last two years are filled with so many horrific stories I sometimes wonder if I should write them in a book. But anyway, great show and appreciate your mentioning this movie. The gay life is no bed of roses for any person, but seems even more difficult coming from a background such as this! Looking forward to more great shows ahead!!!

    Troy B.

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    Adam is so hot with that silver hair. It is nice to know the carpet doesn’t match the drapes. I love you guys. Always inquiring into what we really want to know.
    And Fausto is right. Those of us who live in the South will eat anything. Although I haven’t had frog, I have had alligator, deer, and rattlesnake. What else would they serve at a rattlesnake round-up?
    My favorite Phyllis Diller joke: “I asked my hairdresser what should I use on my hair? And he said, “How about a match.”

  6. Drew says:

    Great show guys! Always funny. Mark Dalton can come by my house in Dallas to rehabilitate after he’s out of prison, he’s ultra hot!

  7. Thank you boys for giving my penis some air time. It can never get enough attention 😉

  8. Zoomer says:

    I ate alligator once, and it was kind of gross. Deep fried tail meat…very chewy. I don’t think frog’s legs are meant for human consumption either. I mean, c’mon. Yick. Then again, who was the brilliant person who decided tripe was a good idea. I s’pose if you’re hungry enough you’ll eat anything. Well, almost anything (ahem).

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