FOF #916 – The Hat that Wouldn’t Die

Jan 23, 2009 · 1985 views

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Shine on you crazy rhinestones! Everyone still talking about and photoshopping themselves into Aretha Franklin’s gray bedazzled hat. The whole world’s gone gaga over Aretha’s sparkly gray hat. Even lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres […]


  1. Michael says:

    Hi Boys – Thanks so much for having me on the show…..I’m always amazed at how gay I sound!

  2. Thanks guys I got a real buzz hearing my name on the show – fame at last 🙂 Fausto I like all your guests although it’s an uphill struggle with a few (Lady MK) and hearing diverse opinions broadens the mind. Listening to you read my words did make me realise that I hadn’t made my point very well so I must revisit the comments on that show.

  3. ibox2000 says:

    Fausto, you are attractive, charming and funny. You have great hair and blue eyes.
    Mark and Michael? Well, you’re both fabulous.

    (I had to rewind several times to get those compliments right. LOL)

  4. MIchael, you sound gayer than Aretha Franklin’s hat.

  5. Michael says:

    @Ibox2000 – you’re fabulous too : -)

    @Fausto – Here I thought it was her hat that made me gay? LOL!

  6. Marcin says:

    Haha listening to the show now. Loved the accent, Marc. 😀

    Did I mention recently that I think you guys are cute, charming and hot? 🙂

  7. Nidocamen says:

    The Granny Awards?! omg LMAO!!!!

    And both of you are totally fabulous, lovely, incredibly funny and are an inspiration to me! So there! hahaha 🙂 (totally serious though!)

  8. Michael I’m sorry to say they took off the vote button from your video!

    However this gay guy seems in the top running, and his video carries the spirit of yours:

  9. Go on Nido! Go on Marcin!

  10. Cliff Dix says:

    I loved today’s show. Loving Michael. Fausto and Marc I love you guys too. Listening to the show I heard Fausto say Bush does the devil sign so I googled it and found this which is all kinds of crazy.

  11. Michael says:

    Oh well, I guess it’s time to let the air out of the blow up dolls and concede that once again – you were right Fausto! Damn it!

  12. Tallguynb says:

    Marc and Fausto, you guys dont need to be complimented, 3x best glbt podcast.. nuff said, we all love you! And Michael is pretty damn funny!

  13. StevieB says:

    That Michael is amazing, not only was he adorable on the show but he paid off my credit card debt and took my Mother shopping. If you asking him nicely, he’ll buy you a Snuggie. Great show guys! …..SHUT UP!

  14. He did!? Michael asked me for a buck to ride the bus the other day cause he said he was broke! No wonder.

    Honestly guys, your reviews help to perk up the eyes and ears of new listeners and the peeps over at Apple computer, who do a lot of behind the scenes work to promote podcasts.

    If you have a moment and like our show, please go to iTunes and write a review. No kidding!

    and for our videos

  15. Rhea says:

    The mental image of Aretha Franklin staring down and talking to her hat was priceless. I love how crazy you guys are!

  16. Hey Michael – this is the site to check for parties during your Amsterdam stay:

    You guys are all… well – you know – all those compliments you were fishing for.
    Is Aretha’s Hat related to the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter? People want to know.

  17. (for English on that link, click top right)

  18. Michael says:

    @StevieB – Uhm, that was supposed to be a secret between me and your Mom, I’m gonna have a talk with her!

    @Stevenanl – THANKS so much for the link, we’re looking for fun things to do!!!

  19. Patricia Fernós says:

    So, is a gay guy considered bisexual if he enjoys making love only to female plastic dolls? And OBAMA is wonderful BUT he’s human – I’m very disappointed that his new program is virtually ignoring work projects on infrastructure, because that would create fast countless jobs for many people who have lost their jobs… Kicking your teenage children out – this happens all the time in the US, if Austin, Texas, is any example! It’s so sad! They buy those big SUVs but don’t want to pay for their children’s schooling. Then we wonder why we’re being considered a 2nd world nation by other nations… Duh!

  20. RcktMan says:

    LOVED the show guys! You were all laughing and having so much fun… and you are all so beautiful and attractive and handsome and sexy and… (is that too much?) 🙂

    I thought I was the only one who thought Aretha’s hat was amazing when I saw it… but apparently everyone did! That hat is larger than life and FABULOUS. I was inspired by you all and did my own “Me in Aretha’s Hat” picture. Isn’t it fancy?

    Michael, sorry you didn’t win with your blow-up-doll video. I’m proud that you made it as far as you did, though. I might be brave enough to wear Aretha’s hat, but I’m not brave enough to sing with two blow-up-dolls. That takes cojones. 🙂

  21. scrubZboi says:

    my bf , Paul and i drove to DC monday, loaded up the ipod with your shows and we laughed all the way and back, it really made the trip short and a pleasure!!!!! We love u guys.
    By the way, we both think both of you are talented, funny and keep up looks that are great, I know its not always easy to do the show every day, but ya’ll do a great job, never heared a show, or sensed energy that was not below the baseline of high leveled consistancy that you maintain! Thanks for being!
    larry and paul

  22. Gary B says:

    Michael, Fausto, & Marc:

    Great show…you are all witty, cute, smart, and full of fabulousness! Great show!

  23. I love Richard Chamberlain. Is he in Chicago? Send him a copy of your marvelous George Takei interview and maybe he’ll come on the show! Didn’t he only come out at the age of 70? And on Oprah?.
    He’s a hot guy with a hot boyfriend and good weave. At 42 I’d be happy with any of those!

    Coincidentally, I read there’s a musical version of ‘The Thorn Birds’ in production. ‘Sister Act’ has a lot to answer for!

  24. Zoomer says:

    Man, I could NOT get past that hat! Your photoshopping is fantastic. 🙂 (as always)

  25. nurseguy says:

    Just had to add-all of of you are beautiful, funny, and fabulous!! Thanks for consistently great shows every time.

  26. corey says:

    I know this is late, but what an attractive, intelligent bunch of podcasters you are.

  27. PureeTofu says:

    Great show guys!

    I love hearing Marc and Michael’s voice but who’s the “Fausto” person that made an appearance. Wow don’t let that guy back *ducks*.

    Ha ha ha, serious though, lots of fun, however you should put a link to the guy doing the calls to the Ellen show!

  28. DavidMcD says:

    Michael is a cutie pie bear with pudding on top, or in his case, bottom!

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