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Apple Picking: Time-Honored Tradition or Migrant Worker Training Camp?

Autumn is apple-picking season! But what if you hate apples? And children? And fun? Satire and the City brings you this first-person account of the real story behind apple picking.

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Don’t Bomb Us, Bro: A Terrorist in Wrigleyville

A terrorist is caught in Wrigleyville. What next? Bombs over Boystown?

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Chicago Gets a Chick-Fil-A!

Chicagoland is finally getting a Chick-Fil-A, and “Satire and the City” blogger Zeeth just got a job there as shift supervisor.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Mayor!

Mayor Daley is out. But who will be in? Sexy Rahm? Oprah? Bozo?

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I Wish My Neighbors Would Stop Calling the Cops on My Bro Party

Ever have noisy neighbors that just like to party a little too hard a little too long? Read what’s it’s like to be them…bro!

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Things That Make You Go Ew!: The Egg Industry

You’ve heard about the major egg recall. Read what’s really going on with the egg industry…as told by a hipster idiot.

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What Would Fundamentalist Christian Jesus Do?

With the Ground Zero mosque debates, the accusations that Obama is a Muslim, anti-gay rhetoric and pretty much any other form of hate you can think of swirling around the contemporary Christian lexicon, it makes […]

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Lesbian Hooters Waitress to Appear on America’s Next Top Model

You heard that right. A lesbian Hooters waitress is going to be a contestant on Tyra’s “America’s Next Top Model.” It sounds like some 13-year-old boy had his wish come true.

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The Chicago Air and Water Show

Loud jet planes are zooming through downtown Chicago. Either we’re under attack, or it’s time for the annual Air and Water Show! Editor (and drunk) Richard Snell has some choice words about the death-defying entertainment.

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Woman Admits to Bumping Steven Slater’s Head

Satire and the City columnist Janice Weiss was on her way to visit her sister, Barbara, in New York. When reaching up to grab her carry on, she accidentally bumped a gay flight attendant in […]

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