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FOF #2961 – Karen Lewis’ Big Mouth is Big Trouble

Karen Lewis’ big mouth is getting her into big trouble. Designed like a giant mouth with fangs for the Burning Man festival in 2005, Karen’s giant interactive sculptural bed is just waiting for some lucky owner to sink their teeth into it.

Today artist Karen Lewis joins us to talk about “The Bed in Your Head,” her big fluffy mouth shaped bed sculpture that’s got a life of its own, and why people are obsessed with this big giant mouth.

Plus– a salute to big mouths in movies, from Jaws to Rocky Horrror and Audrey 2 to the Aliens Xenomorph, why are so many of them queer icons?

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FOF #1918 – Love is a Verb

What’s the key to a happy relationship? Be gay, childless, or make a hot cup of tea.

A new study on relationships reveals that actions, not words matter a lot. And that generally gay folks are much more content with each other than straight folks.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl, who shortly after our show got himself on the local morning news as the real elf on the shelf and now might actually have a career as a Christmas elf.

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During Easter, Nobody Can Hear You Scream

Best Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen. Source

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FOF #1528 – Dancing with the Devil – Part 2

Musicians have always been accused of being in league with the devil, and in many instances they actually declare themselves Satanists in order to appear rebellious.

Comedian Brian Sweeney joins us again to examine the ridiculousness of why some religions have the concept of the devil who makes people do bad things, or for some crazy reason, make music that sells really well.

Part 2 of 2.

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PHOTO: Transgender Self Portait Alien Baby

I’m sure coming out for a trams person full time is a cause for celebration, but this self portrait just makes me think of Alien monsters popping out of people’s bodies. Did you know two […]

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VIDEO: Dead Alien Found in Snow

Even though I want to believe, I’m sure it’s fake. Pretty good looking alien to boot.

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Katy Perry Jumps on the Pop Star Alien Bandwagon

Katy Perry is sporting a new alien inspired look for her upcoming music video “E.T.” 2011 is becoming the year when all female pop stars turned their eyes to the skies for imagery and inspiration, […]

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Alien Pez Candy Dispenser

“Get away from her candy you bitch!” I so want one of these. — Toycutter

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FOF #1190 – She’s the One

People are outraged over the Illinois Department of Public Health’s bizarre ad campaign targeting gay men called “He’s the One.” And no, it’s not “He’s the one,” as in “Ooh la la, he’s Prince Charming” it’s “He’s the one, that will infect you.”

What was the ad campaign supposed to accomplish, and why did it even run in the first place, in a gay newspaper of all places?

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FOF #1114 – Feliz Na’Vi-dad

A sci-fi film with sexy blue aliens who look like drag queens? Fabulous! Will Avatar be the Star Wars of our generation or simply just another movie that mirrors our misconceptions on the nature of Nature?

Blogger Michael Lehet joins us to wrap up the year, talk about those sexy blue aliens and review the new Addams Family musical and In the Heights. In the news: CNN’s gayest NYE, the wild child, the Puma index and the Tiger Woods mistress generator.

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