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FOF #1512 – We Are the 98 Percent

Last night the President presented his third State of the Union Address, addressing voters and the middle class directly, saying everybody deserves a fair shake – and that his policies will help make sure they get one. So why did he purposely say 98% instead of 99%?

Today we take a look at the sweet and spicy parts of Obama’s State of the Union Address and the 2012 Oscar Nominees.

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FOF #1389 – Love is All You Need

One of the most perpetual questions found everywhere on the Internet is people’s insatiable hunger for romantic relationships. Are we all just fools in love or is there something deeper to our yearning for meaningful relationships?

Join us as we talk about how to cultivate love in your life and find out if you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

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VIDEO: Andy Dick Sued Over His Dick

Andy Dick is being sued for allegedly rubbing his manhood on the cheek of an audience member at his comedy show. Dick rub at 3:30 via

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Andy Dick Ejected from AVN Awards for Harassing Chi Chi LaRue

Andy Dick was ejected from the AVN Awards for allegedly harassing drag superstar and adult film producer Chi Chi Larue.

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