FOF #1389 – Love is All You Need

Jun 1, 2011 · 1985 views

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One of the most perpetual questions found everywhere on the Internet is people’s insatiable hunger for romantic relationships. Are we all just fools in love or is there something deeper to our yearning for meaningful relationships?

Join us as we talk about how to cultivate love in your life and find out if you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.


  1. Andy says:

    I don’t understand the guys who spend so much time looking for a guy to start a serious relationship. I have friends who constantly looking for a guy, get quickly in a relationship, complain about it and then later whine about the breakup. My motto is: I am rather be a fabulous single than being a relationship which causes more drama than joy.
    In my opinion it is also better to be single for some time to have more time for your work, discover new interests and just to enjoy life. So far I had three relationships but I have been single for 3 years. I have really enjoyed it, grown but now I feel ready for the next relationship/drama. 😉

    I also think it was a good advice to isolate a guy you like from their friends at the bar/party particular from their best girlfriend who can be over protective and annoying.

    Further don’t listen to couples who have been together for many years, somehow became more conservative and think they can judge singles who enjoy their life and a nice date from time to time.

    • Renee says:

      I agree! Be single for a while, enjoy your life. I’m involved with a guy right now who doesnt seem to have time for me, so now I’m moving on, getting involved with a new and interesting hobby and spending time with my friends. Where there is a guy, there is drama… just have fun, be happy and take care of YOU!!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    This is a topic that I feel merits more in depth discussion. You sort of brushed over the idea that love is just a word, and I think it would have been good to explore that more. What about the evolutionary roots of attraction? I think you could do a series on le theme de l’amour.

  3. I’m a little late but I have to tell you guys this is one of my FAVORITE FOF’s. This is a such a complex area that is rarely discussed with appreciation for all the various perspectives you included. Usually people discuss relationships within the limited paradigm to a two-person-“monogamous” dyad, or to the other extreme of only discussing the value of poly. You two included and validated all the different ways people can relate, and the need for communication in order to get the most enjoyment, satisfaction, and fun from relationships. THANK YOU!

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