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PHOTO: Black Woman Gives Ben Cohen the Finger

I love Chicago’s Weiner Circle, my home away from home, where everyone gets a extra large side of sass with their greasy hot dogs. Here superhunk, rugby star Ben Cohen who is straight for Equality […]

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FOF #1566 – My Weekend with Ben Cohen

Guess who has been hanging out with rugby superhunk Ben Cohen? Circuit Mom!

Today Matthew Harvat, the man behind Circuit Mom talks about the fabulous circuit party scene and her new project with former rugby star Ben Cohen.

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FOF #1389 – Love is All You Need

One of the most perpetual questions found everywhere on the Internet is people’s insatiable hunger for romantic relationships. Are we all just fools in love or is there something deeper to our yearning for meaningful relationships?

Join us as we talk about how to cultivate love in your life and find out if you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

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VIDEO: Ben Cohen Talks to CNN About Bullying

He’s so dreamy.

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