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FOF #2708 – Louisianna Purchase is Fully Loaded

For over 30 years of her life, Louisianna Purchase had never seen a live drag show, then she fell in love with drag queen Bulimianne Rhapsody and the rest is her-story. Weezie caught the sickening drag bug for which there is no known cure.

Today Louisianna Purchase joins us from her cozy kitchen in Texas to talk about her journey from punk rock to drag.

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Austin Has a Queer Bomb

That liberal bastion in Texas is going through some growing pains when it comes to their Queer citizens and this year’s pride.

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WCT Article on SXSW Panel

SXSW Interactive: ‘Tomorrow Happens Here’ by Brenda Schumacher “Tomorrow Happens Here”—the slogan to this year’s SXSW interactive, film and music festivals—was not hyperbole. Attending the workshops, films, concerts and parties, one had the distinct feeling […]

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Marc and Fausto on Austin Community Radio

While we were in Austin we were happy to be guests of OutCast community radio for the LGBT Community hosted by Heath Riddles, with co-hosts Stephen Rice and Kate Messer. OutCast airs live from Austin, […]

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FOF #1162 – Sex and Sensibilities

Heyd Fontenot talks about his work as an independent film maker and visual artist dealing with the intense feelings and confused reactions people have to the nude body.

Listen to find out how we infuse sex into every thing we do and how polyamory is the new sexual identity. Plus: James “The Amazing” Randi, skeptic and magician, comes out as gay, George Takei tv ad and the anti-gay organization Americans For Truth About Homosexuality gets listed as a hate group.

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FOF #1049 – I’m Going to D.C.

As the groundswell for support in the National Equality March grows, organizers have released a list of 140 leaders and allies endorsing the march. Did our endorsement get lost in the email or are organizers limiting the list to people they deem worthy?

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Greetings from Austin, Texas!

Last Friday, Oct 3, 2008 I had an informal meet-up with some of the listeners who live in Austin, Texas at the Taco Cabana on MLK. Here’s the group photo! More after the jump.

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