FOF #2800 – Dragula’s Louisianna Purchase is Reborn

Nov 7, 2019 · 2098 views

A fierce queen is hard to kill. Audiences fell in love with Louisianna Purchase on Season Three of Dragula. Photos: Elio Winter, Eric Magnussen.

A lot has happened to Austin drag queen Louisiana Purchase since her last appearance on the podcast. She recently wrapped up a hair raising season of Dragula, the Search for the World’s Next Drag Super Monster and she got married to the love of her life Bulimianne Rhapsody.

Ouisie was apprehensive about the dynamics of being on a reality TV show, and while Dragula put her through the gauntlet, she’s now a sultry, sexy she-devil reality TV star on mother fucking Netflix bitches.

Today drag legend Louisiana Purchase talks about Dragula, her drag community in Texas, her days living in Chicago and marrying a drag queen in Vegas.

Bullimianne Rhapsody and Louisianna Purchase are not only in love, they just tied the knot.


Playing the theremin on her new album of experimental music.

How one drag queen with a bucket can make a fortune.

Show me the receipts- how to get a receipt for tipping a drag queen and expense the hell out of it.

Featured Music: Dragula Song by Konutko | Sound of Ko

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