FOF #2801 – The Magical Life of Walter Mercado

Nov 11, 2019 · 2076 views

Past, present and future Walter Mercado. Walter in his early days as a TV astrologer and on the right in his Doritos ad where he ate chips in space.

TV psychic astrologer Walter Mercado captivated generations of people all around the world with his Liberace inspired elaborate fashion and campy astrological readings which were often messages of hope.

A household name in Latin America, Walter Mercado just passed away in Puerto Rico at the age of 87.

Joel Franco on Twitter

The most extra entrance and I’m loving it!!! @waltermercadotv @HistoryMiami

Musician Gloria Estefan called it an end of an era.

Gloria Estefan on Twitter

It’s the end of an era…El fin de una era…Rest in Peace, Walter & thank you for your beautiful spirit! Descansa en Paz y gracias por tu bello espíritu en nuestro mundo! #Repost @mariaesalinas with…

Despite his flourished demeanor, Walter Mercado never claimed any gender or sexual identity. When asked if he was gay he would respond: “I am not gay, because to be gay I would have to be in love with a man, and I am in love with the entire universe.”

Above all, Walter Mercado wanted folks to let go of their inhibitions and to shine as brightly as he did, even urging his followers to approach life with a tantric sensibility so they could “have sex even with a sunset.”

Of all his eccentricities, Walter was probably best known for his television sign off where he’d wish his fans: “paz, pero sobretodo mucho mucho (kiss) amor.” In English: Peace, but especially lots and lots of love.

Today queer Latinx historian Larry La Fountain joins us to take a look at the magical life of Walter Mercado and why this bejeweled gender and sexually ambiguious superstar meant so much to so many people around the world.

Marc Felion, Lola Von Miramar (Larry La Fountain) and Fausto Fernós. Photo: Fausto Fernós.



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