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FOF #2247 – Lit up like a Christmas Tree

We’re just a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving, but Christmas comes early as our gal pal Joan Waters bring the holiday spirit by showing up lit up like a Christmas tree.

Today we get into the spirit of season and talk about Occam’s razor, but for kindness: no matter how much you feel things are stacked against you, the best way to proceed is to assume most people are good and want to see you succeed.

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FOF #2246 – America’s Next Transgender Heartthrob

The last time Jeffrey Jay was on the podcast he was excited to celebrate Halloween by going as Wonder Woman, but his cross dressing aspirations were thwarted by his boyfriend who doesn’t enjoy dressing up in costumes.

Today, Jeffrey joins us to talk about how his Halloween dreams were crushed and how he pranked his boyfriend with spiders and party streamers.

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