FOF #2246 – America’s Next Transgender Heartthrob

Nov 6, 2015 · 1985 views

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The last time Jeffrey Jay was on the podcast he was excited to celebrate Halloween by going as Wonder Woman, but his cross dressing aspirations were thwarted by his boyfriend who doesn’t enjoy dressing up in costumes.

Today, Jeffrey joins us to talk about how his Halloween dreams were crushed and how he pranked his boyfriend with spiders and party streamers.


  1. I love Jeffrey Jay, so adorable and awesome. ^_^ You guys always have great cometic chemistry. You are right Fausto that AutoRap App is amazing!!!! I had to downloaded and try it for myself. It gave me life. ^.^ Your guys song was so funny and great I never laughed so hard. xD Yes, I agree that saying should be on a t-shirt. Thank you Fausto and Marc for another great podcast! I know that Cooking With Drag Queens will be funded been spreading the word around. ^_^


  2. “Love don’t pay the bills, unless your a hooker.” Great idea from the podcast you had with Jefrey Jay ^-^


  3. T-shirt idea I should say. ^-^


  4. rdowney says:

    Haha! I’m still listening to this episode (kind of behind) and had to smile when I heard you talk about the gum wall at the Pike Place Market. Every year, my class goes on a field trip there and it’s always their favorite place. It really is kind of cool, though over the last couple years it has spread to the alley floor, which is cobblestones. I can understand the need to come clean – but I’ll miss the color! Even though it sounds and is rather gross; it’s really super colorful.

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