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FOF #1808 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA

Remember all those times you Googled Al Qaeda? The NSA remembers. Today we take a look at the unsettling revelation that that nine giants of the tech industry have been handing over everything to the National Security Agency. All our texts, photos, videos, social media and phone content is being data mined by the NSA, for the purpose of fighting terrorism.

Didn’t President Obama read the cliff notes of George Orwell’s 1984?

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IMAGES: Blake Skjellerup & Seb Stewart at Newlands College

Newlands College was the first stop on Blake and Seb’s anti-bullying tour here in Wellington. I got the opportunity to meet them and some of the faculty at the assembly. Seb is charming and quick […]

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FOF #1398 – Inside the Olympic Village with Gay Skater Blake Skjellerup

Although nothing can compare to the thrill of going for the gold at the Winter Olympics, for speed skater Blake Skjellerup fighting for equality in his native New Zealand really gets him going. Listen as we talk with Blake about his intense training, getting on the box of Fruity Cheerios, who has the best ass in sports, and being the only gay in the Olympic Village.

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VIDEO: Blake Skjellerup and Seb Stewart’s Anti-Bullying Road Trip

Like a sexy modern update of Goodbye Pork Pie, openly gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup and Q-Youth executive director Seb Stewart are hitting the road in a rental car and driving from Kaitaia (at the northern […]

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Blake Skjellerup Defends Justin Bieber

FOF’s favorite Kiwi Olympian Blake Skjellerup got to (briefly) meet Justin Bieber on the start of his world tour in Melbourne last week. He writes of the experience that while the young pop star might […]

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PHOTOS: Shirtless Pics of New Zealand Olympian Blake Skjellerup

I digged around the internets and found these sexy pics of Blake kicking it back in L.A. Good times!

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FOF #1361 – Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

What if we were all inside an egg inside an egg inside Lady Gaga’s egg-shaped vessel? Think about it people.

Today, artist and blogger Angela Wells joins us to crack the case on the origins of egg decorating, strange party games and how the humble egg has inspired everyone from ancient Persians, to chocolatiers to Lady Gaga.

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VIDEO: Pink Shirt Day 2011 – April 14

On Thursday April 14th, New Zealanders are being encouraged to wear pink to show they are against bullying in all forms. Inspired by a boy who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school, […]

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