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Indian Doctor Performed Over 300 Sex Changes to Young Girls in India

Because men have more power and opportunities in India, parents are paying this doctor to change the sex of their daughters to boys.  This is such an awful awful twist in miracle that allows transgendered […]

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VIDEO: WTF, Parents?!

What are these parents thinking?  First, it’s the little dead squirrel girl, not this.  At least the squirrel was dead!

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VIDEO: ”Don’t Poo on My Hand, Boy?”

I think that pop music is blurring gender rolls faster and to a much greater extent than our community can by itself, and all you gotta do is look up little boys singing on youtube. […]

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Saddest Story Ever

A mute boy who spoke for first time after being given puppy falls silent after thieves steal puppy.

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VIDEO: PhatGayKid- Love Him or Hate Him?

I don’t know if I love him or hate and I can’t figure out why his lips are so shiny in this video.

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Taiwanese Boy Sings Whitney

This boy sure does a great Whitney Houston.

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