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Klingon Boobies – What the Trek? #9

The 1968 episode of Star Trek’s “Plato’s Stepchildren” features a groundbreaking moment as television’s first scripted interracial kiss. Since then, every Star Trek series has tried to live up to the original series’ legacy of diversity, especially when it comes to sex and romance.

What the Trek? Welcome to the podcast where we fabulously explore all the strange new episodes from the TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

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FOF #2418 – C’mon Get Happy

The past is the past and you can’t predict the future. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow or even on today’s podcast.

Join us as we try to forget about the miserable past few days and look on the brighter side of life with the always sunny and cheerful Brian Sweeney.

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FOF #2385 – Taco Trucks Everywhere

Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez who says that if you don’t do something about Mexican immigration “you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.” Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

Today, we’re chatting with Vice Squiwly Bones about what’s life like for her as an undocumented Mexican drag queen and working tech support for a shady shady self-help guides company.

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FOF #2052 – Three Guys and a Podcast

Comedian Jeffrey Jay, one of the most lovable trans guys you’ll ever meet, left Texas for L.A. to pursue his comedy career. Since then he’s teamed up with Beau Bowker and James Ponce to do a podcast called Two Black Women even though there’s not even one black woman on the show let alone two.

Listen as we talk about how they chose the odd name for the podcast. Also who is sexier- Beau or James, and the appeal of size to certain queens.

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Transgender Woman Wins Breast Implant Prize

The landslide winner of a radio station’s controversial breast implant contest is a transgender Calgarian. The winner of the Amp Radio contest, named by the station only as a musician called Avery, tallied 76 per […]

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Graffiti Bombed Bare Breasted Billboard Taken Down

A billboard in Minneapolis featuring a bare breasted Venus promoting a Titian exhibit at the local museum has been taken down after vandals covered up the godess’ bossom with a painted-on bra.

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