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FOF #2719 – Photoshop Your Way in to College

As if getting into the college wasn’t hard enough, folks are reeling from the recent arrest and indictment of dozens of wealthy elites including actress Lori Loughlin, Aunt Becky from Full House, for what could become the biggest bribery scandal in college history. As baby Michelle would say, bad move dude.

Today we’re taking at the college bribery scandal and other celebrity scandals including Mr. Rogers’ sexuality.

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FOF #1972 – Sympathy for the Devil

Hollywood banks on people’s prejudices in order to make the bad guys seem even more threatening. In reality, gay men are just like everyone else, we have our heroes and our villains too. Sadly, we spend too much time hating and not celebrating our own, even when they are not guilty of the crime.

Today Peaches Christ joins us as Judge Judy and executioner to take a look at the vilification of gay men. Are these bad guys deserving of the hate they get?

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FOF #1971 – The Glasshole is Half Full

Nick Starr always manages to piss people off by the way he uses technology. He was the first person to Twitter he was going to commit suicide. It got him a lot of attention, not all of it good. Now he’s become the face of a Glassholes, people who obnoxiously insist on wearing Google Glass at public spaces despite people’s objections.

Listen as Nick Starr talks with us about his experience with Google Glass, his very public battle with folks who think it’s a terrifying combo of man and machine and is Nick just another broken soul using technology to get attention?

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