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FOF #2029 – Guardians of Depravity

Guardians of the Galaxy blew up last weekend, with an impressive $94 million debut, making it the biggest August opening ever.

Besides being a hilarious tribute to space action films, the summer blockbuster opens the door to awesome sequels and cements comedic hunk Chris Pratt as the Internet’s most favorite celebrity. Move over Jennifer Lawrence, here comes something meatier!

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at why Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun success while the film Green Lantern fails miserably.

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FOF #2007 – Obama Steps His Pussy Up

When we said this year would a whopper for trans rights, we weren’t kidding. President Obama announced an executive order extending employment protections to federal employees on the basis of gender identity.

Joining us today is Parker Marie Molloy, who writes about LGBT news for the Advocate, the New York Times and Rolling Stone. Parker was recently granted the 30 Under 30 award at a public ceremony where she proudly announced to the bewilderment of the crowd that she had a penis.

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FOF #1559 – When Baby Chicks Become Scary Roosters

During Easter in Latin American countries, flea markets sell crazy, technicolor baby chicks dyed in every color of the rainbow, and they always die. Well, most of them.

Like flushing an alligator down the toilet, some cute pets live to become urban monsters.

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PHOTO: Burger Eyeshadow

Looking fierce never looked so delicious! Check out this awesome eye makeup, from of all places a Burger King ad from the Netherlands. Although I think the only “look” people will get from BK is […]

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Burger King Japan’s Special Windows 7 Whopper

Because a million dollar TV ad featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld shopping for shoes wasn’t weird enough. The folks up at Microsoft decided to team up with all the Burger King restaurants in […]

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