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FOF #2508 – The Wildest Moments in Bodybuilding

People have an unabashed love for those burly jocks who chase balls or ripped comic book superheroes who fight crime but many folks don’t quite know what to make of those athletes whose goal is to be that biggest baddest muther f*ckers on the stage: bodybuilders.

Today we look at the impact of muscle building on culture, from circus strongmen, to gay erotica and all the way up to modern day superhero blockbuster films.

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Camille Paglia Skewers Lady Gaga

Everybody’s favorite Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder guest, Camille Paglia, skewers Lady Gaga in an op-ed piece called “Lady Gaga and the death of sex” and billed as “An erotic breaker of taboos or an […]

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