Camille Paglia Skewers Lady Gaga

Sep 13, 2010 · 1985 views

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Everybody’s favorite Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder guest, Camille Paglia, skewers Lady Gaga in an op-ed piece called “Lady Gaga and the death of sex” and billed as “An erotic breaker of taboos or an […]


  1. Andy says:

    I am glad Gaga is doing what she is doing for the gay community. But I agree with Camille Pagila on many points.

    “Gaga has borrowed so heavily from Madonna (as in her latest video-Alejandro) that it must be asked, at what point does homage become theft? However, the main point is that the young Madonna was on fire. She was indeed the imperious Marlene Dietrich’s true heir….Gaga seems comet-like, a stimulating burst of novelty, even though she is a ruthless recycler of other people’s work… Drag queens, whom Gaga professes to admire, are usually far sexier in many of her over-the-top outfits than she is. “

  2. Sidney Carter says:

    Paglia has some points. I like how she’s not afraid to say things that don’t fit the current popular narrative.

  3. mododavid says:

    Gaga can’t help being influenced by those greats who came before her. The same thing was said about Madonna copying Cher (and she did) in the beginning, but Madonna found her own voice and rose above. Gaga is “borrowing heavily” now, but soon she’ll find her own authentic voice. (I didn’t mean that to sound insulting. She busts her ass to do what she does, and she does it well.) She’s already shown she is beginning to do that with that slow ballot song she sang at a concert recently. (Don’t ask me which. I’m not a little monster.)

    Really they all look the same in the beginning because there are a finite number of ways to catch the jaded American public’s attention, and most of them have been done. The more valid question is: Now that she has our attention, how will she show her growth as an artist?

  4. Chickengirl says:

    sure Gaga is unoriginal..its impossible to be completely original, when you want people to like something…everything derives from something that was done in the past…
    although I don’t think her music is as good as the artists she has Madonna….

    Gaga is a nice piece of eyecandy that can bring in a millions of fans, and their money, at this point it dosen’t matter what she does, her fans will love it, in her next music video she could eat shit and slaughter puppies and kittens and her fans would still love her for it….

    since I’m not a fan of hers its hard for me to believe that she is completely genuine in that she does it all for the fans that she loves so much…part of me thinks that she does everything she can to keep getting money from her fans..but hey, kudos to her for raking in the $$$

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