VIDEO: Youtube Inequality- A Hot Response!

Sep 13, 2010 · 1985 views

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These guys are great, and YES!!!  I DO WISH my “girlfriend” was hot like you!! LOL  Mr. Blue Bulge may need a little more practice next time though. Fausto and Marc, you guys have talked […]


  1. I’m dancing, I’m dancing! I forgot what we were dancing for, but damn these guys are smoking hot.

  2. Rick Aiello says:

    Wow… Hot as HELL — AND they make a very good point! Love them!!

  3. now i need to release pressure. let us release pressure in group

  4. Daniel says:

    OMG- Pavel?

  5. Cliff Bouvier says:

    This was amazingly hot and I think that if the girls can do it…so can the boys! I want to play next time!! I can dance!!!

  6. mododavid says:

    LOL That black bulge under those white shorts is just hypnotic!

  7. George says:

    The guy is hot and all but God does the guy in the blue shorts cannot move. Stiff as a board.

  8. Russell says:

    beautiful beautiful men

  9. R.Villela says:

    I you’re trying to make a point, do it. It is very distracting when your constantly pulling your shorts down because it kept riding up your leg. The girls were in outfits much more skimpier than yours. So therefore if the short would have gone up your leg… let it be. Also, the girls were having lots of fun, and really got into it. Your video was… well…. boring. No substance at all.

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