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FOF #2520 – Total Totality

Like stars in an disaster movie, we raced against the clock to find an unobstructed view during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. We dodged traffic and clouds to find the perfect spot to see the eclipse, the tiny Village of Makanda.

Today we’re giving you a first hand account of witnessing a total solar eclipse at the point of highest totality.

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FOF #2519 – Dancing with the Tsars

The hit TV program “Dancing with the Stars” ” shows the world what ballroom dancers have known for years- dancing isn’t just an art form, sometimes it’s a matter of life and death in fabulous sequined outfits.

Today, six time National Ukrainian Ballroom Champion Artem Lazarev joins us to talk about guys going shirtless to support Putin.

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FOF #2206 – Showgirl Confidential

Pleasant Gehmen has had an incredible life: as a little girl she got in trouble turning men’s nudie magazines into pamphlets she’d sell at recess. Later, she went on to work as a stripper, belly dancer and now a paranormal investigator!

Listen as Pleasant Gehman joins us to tell truly outrageous stories from her new book Showgirl Confidential– on her life onstage, backstage and on the road.

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VIDEO: These Two Brothers Dance a Fierce Tango

Considered some of the top Tango Dancers in the world these two brothers (I make no assumption on sexuality or Brother on Brother Action) dance a fierce Tango…Back in the 1800’s men use to learn […]

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VIDEO: Pole Dance as Sport and Art Form

Pole dance is gaining credibility outside of nightlife, often referred to as “pole sport” or “pole fitness”. I think it’s hard to deny how sexy it remains, but it cannot be denied that it takes […]

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VIDEO: The Champions of Pole Dancing

Keem Martinez won the 2nd place, he starts his performance as a male mermaid. Pole dancers from around the world came to together in Budapest, Hungary for the World Pole Sport Championships.  For the first […]

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VIDEO: Cute Guy Dancing Around the World

Remember there was an internet meme of a guy doing a stupid dance around the world and people joining him. Well this guy dances well around the world and on his own it seems.

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VIDEO: Break Dancing Gorilla

The Channing Tatum of the gorilla world is taking the internet by storm with his smooth moves.

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VIDEO: The Human Spirograph at Work

Artist and dancer Tony Orrico uses carefully coordinated movements to recreate the radial patterns of the Spirograph tool some of us have fond memories of from childhood. I wonder what configurations he could make if […]

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VIDEO: Hard Ton – a Gay Italian Band

An outrageous duo from Italy perform their song “Earthquake.”

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