FOF #2965 – The TV Variety Shows that Inspired Sherry Vine

Jun 16, 2021 · 1985 views

Sherry Vine and the cast of the Sherry Vine Variety Show. Photos courtesy of Sherry Vine.

One of our favorite things that pulled us through the last year was Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat’s parodies of sitcoms as if they had taken place during the covid pandemic. It’s been such a hit, Sherry Vine’s back with her twisted sisters bringing the laughs and cornball musical numbers with The Sherry Vine Variety Show on OutTV.

Inspired by the great TV variety shows of the 1970’s, Sherry Vine and director John Mark update the format with raucous comedy, show-stopping musical numbers, hilarious sketches and more.

Today Sherry Vine joins us to take a look at our favorite prime time TV variety shows from the 70s and how they inspired her to bring The Sherry Vine Variety Show to life.

Who can forget Cher and Tina Turner setting the stage on fire in the Cher Show, Paul Lynde scowling on the Donnie & Marie Christmas Special, or the Brady Bunch kids disco medley with Charo?


How Sherry helped Lady Gaga launch her career.

How she convinced Jackie Beat to embrace her youthful self.

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