FOF #2764 – Sherry Vine is Coming to Your Corner

Jul 24, 2019 · 2159 views

Sherry Vine is coming to your town, are you ready? Photos: Just Toby.

When you’re buried under a TV show that doesn’t even recognize your existence and you’re just a blip in the latest big documentary on drag, you gotta keep on hustling to maintain that legendary status that few queens like Sherry Vine can claim.

How does she do it?

Today, Sherry Vine joins us to talk about her amazing 28 year career in drag performing the raunchiest of song parodies and her secret meeting with other legendary drag queens where they had to figure out what to do with RuPaul‘s Drag Race.

Listen as Sherry chats about her new show Hollywood & Vine, where the glamour of 1940’s Hollywood intersects with Vine’s trashy pop sensibility to create a naughty, bawdy show featuring parodies of Madonna, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston.


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