FOF #2964 – Gay Man Thriving: How We Sabotage Our Own Happiness

Jun 16, 2021 · 1985 views

Andrew Sartory along with his husband Zach Bulls help thousands of gay men find friendship and relationships through their wellness workshops Gay Man Thriving. Photo: Andrew Sartory.

Even before the Covid pandemic hit there was a loneliness epidemic among LGBTQ+ folks. After many of us spent a year alone and now that restrictions start to lift, we’re all awkwardly coming together again.

But like Hedwig sang in the Origin of Love “We don’t know who we are anymore.” So how do we get the help need?

Andrew and Zach on their wedding day.

Today, Andrew Sartory, co-creator of the self help group Gay Man Thriving dedicated to helping gay men improve their life, relationships, and finding personal growth, joins us to take a look at the seven things you may be doing that are keeping you lonely.

Listen as we chat with Andrew about techniques to improve your life and why some folks think his self help Gay Man Thriving group may be a cult.

Please enjoy the free kool-aid while we talk about time share condos.


 What’s so wrong about being happy in your solitude?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Marc and Fausto! And glad my quote fit the topic of this episode so well. I’ll always give Feast of Fun the credit it deserves. =)

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