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FOF #2807 – Celebrities Are All Rotten People

When Drag Race was just getting started, RuPaul said in a candid interview: “Celebrities are all truly rotten people.” Meaning it’s hard to meet with someone who inspires you because they don’t always live up to your expectations.

Today comedian Carly Ballerini joins us to take a look at what happens when marginalized people become stars and how the facade of fame usually comes with a few cracks.

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FOF #2422 – Celebrities Who Ruined their Careers in an Instant

They sacrificed everything, working on their craft, reaching success, only to destroy it in an instant with one wrong move. From car crashes to getting caught with their pants down, some celebrities’ terrible misdeeds cost them everything.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to look at famous people that had life by balls only to get strung up and left out to dry because of disastrous choice

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FOF #1939 – Cashing in on Coming Out

You usually hear the words “brave” and “courageous” when people come out of the closet as LGBT. For some it still means putting a lot at risk- their jobs, friends and family. We say the same things when celebrities come out of the closet, but is it so brave to come out when you’re able to significantly cash in on the newfound attention?

Today writter Zach Stafford joins us to take a look at how sometimes celebrities get a tremendous boost to their careers and their pocketbooks when they fearlessly are themselves.

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PHOTO: The Uncanny Resemblance of the Village People’s Cowboy with RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew Hunk

The time traveling hunk– are Shawn Morales from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Randy Jones from Village People the same guy?

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The NASA Mohawk Guy is Interviewed on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Listen as Bobak Ferdowsi and Adam Steltzner are interviewed about their jobs at NASA, their hair styles, and then play “Not My Job.”  

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Donna Summer, The Queen Of Disco Dies At 63

Donna Summer, the queen of disco whose career spanned four decades and earned her multiple number one hits and five Grammy awards, has died after a long battle with cancer, she was 63. What did Donna Summer’s music mean to you? Bring back any fond memories?

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IMAGE: Man Photoshops Celebrities into his Holiday Party Photos

Can’t get celebrities to come to your holiday party? No worries, just photshop them in afterward.

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VIDEO: How To Look Like Ryan Gosling

Comedian Joey Thompson, who really does look a lot like Ryan Gosling shows how you too can look like the Hollywood hunk. Isn’t Joey cute though? Bear-a-licious.

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FOFA #1307 – Mamie Van Doren is Still a Troublemaker

At one point in Hollywood, Mamie Van Doren, along with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, was considered one the most beautiful women on the silver screen.

Today, Mamie Van Doren is as alive and kicking as ever and has a new album “Still a Troublemaker.” Listen as she talks about her amazing life and dating many of Hollywood’s Golden age hunks, and even Henry Kissinger!

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James Franco is the new Honey Badger

James Franco don’t care. Honey Badger don’t give a shit. One of the greatest moments from our podcast on the 2011 Oscars was when blogger Joe Fitrzyk described James Franco as the new honey badger, […]

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