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FOF #2551 – Slaying America’s Youth

Trump supporters and drag queens both agree on one thing: Muffy Fishbasket is slaying all the children.

Today Muffy Fishbasket joins us to talk about Alex Jones’ InfoWars sending his own tragic drag queen Rainbow Snatch to spy in the house of love at the Austin International Drag Festival.

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FOF #2231 – Happy National Coming Out Day Y’all

Nothing has driven forward LGBT equality like everyday people simply telling their story, revealing their true selves on daytime talk shows, at dinner tables, or through video blogs and status updates but especially one on one.

Today, we celebrate National Coming Out Day by taking a look at entertainers and media personalities who came out in the past year, and creative ways people have come out over the years.

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FOF #2178 – Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Summer is here and the heat is on. As Pride approaches, the city takes in loads and loads of gay men for the summer, with many of them on the hunt for finding Mr. Right.

Today we’re talking to blogger Shane Salley (also known as bearded beauty Shanté Detroit) about looking for the the right guy in the big city.

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FOF #1766 – A Slice of Equality

No matter how the Supreme Court rules, everyone is declaring Marriage Equality the winner. Even Time Magazine is getting on the love train by showing real same sex couples smooching on their cover.

Today the reliably hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the whole Supreme Court Marriage Equality Hearings.

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VIDEO: What the Magic Mike Trailer Should Have Been!

When watching the trailers for Magic Mike I kept saying something was missing. Then it hit me! The music was all wrong. Since this movie is about hot sexy men dripping in testosterone, it needed […]

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FOF #1610 – Happy Have Your Photo Taken with a Gay Person Day

Over the weekend and all across the country, a record number of straight identifying people showed up for Pride celebrations or what we like to call “Have Your Photo Taken with a Gay Person Day.”

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Channing Tatums First Gig Was Dancing for Ricky Martin

Way back in 2000 Channing Tatum, a young male dancer from Florida got his first commercial gig, dancing in Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” video. Very hot. I wonder if Ricky Martin ever took Channing Tatum […]

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VIDEO: The Hot Guys From the New Stripper Movie Give Out an Award

Get More: MTV Shows If you must know, the Popcorn Award was given to Elizabeth Banks for her annoying role in The Hunger Games. But what you really want to see is Joe Manganiello come […]

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VIDEO: It’s Raining Channing Tatum

Can’t wait to see Channing Tatum’s striper movie. Is there a midnight showing?

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FOF #1591 – Kristen Studard is an International Sex Symbol

Whoop whoop! The very funny Kristen Studard joins us today to talk about her fear of pot smoking, now that more Americans support the full legalization of marijuana than they do Marriage Equality.

Plus– Target’s gay t-shirts, Channing Tatum likes having Elton John’s hand up his butt, and what it’s like to be an international sex symbol.

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