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FOF #1591 – Kristen Studard is an International Sex Symbol

Whoop whoop! The very funny Kristen Studard joins us today to talk about her fear of pot smoking, now that more Americans support the full legalization of marijuana than they do Marriage Equality.

Plus– Target’s gay t-shirts, Channing Tatum likes having Elton John’s hand up his butt, and what it’s like to be an international sex symbol.

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VIDEO: Magic Mike Trailer

Channing Tatum stars as a stripper with a dream!

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FOF #1519 – Madonna Wins the Superbowl

Madonna triumphantly entered the Superbowl Halftime show pulled by dozens of hot muscular gladiators while singing a quick paced medley of her hits and her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin.”

Decked out like a goddess of antiquity, Madonna channeled Nike, the Goddess of Victory. We’re not sure if she got the goddess part down, but she certainly got a lot of antiquity!

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Channing Tatum Strips on SNL

So hot! Who doesn’t want to see Channing Tatum take his clothes off? Tonight Channing Tatum is hosting Saturday Night Live, the actor known for his role in the homoerotic Roman film “The Eagle.” Reminding […]

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FOF #1517 – Long, Thick and Uncut

Like Samson in the Old Testament, comedian Bill Cruz grew out his hair in order to gain new powers. In Bill’s case, he wanted to come off to audiences as an outrageous bohemian rather than the safe sporty look he used to have. Now his long hair is driving him crazy so what’s he gonna do?

Today Bill Cruz joins us to talk about the hype over Tim Tebow, Madonna leaks her Superbowl Halftime Show set list, and his really long, thick, uncut hair.

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Alex Pettyfer the Stripper

Alex Pettyfer is set to play movie star Channing Tatum, in a film about his stripper past. Here’s Channing shaking his bon bon.

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”21 Jump Street” Gets the Green Light

The 80’s mega hit series that launched Johnny Depp’s career, “21 Jump Street,” is getting the big screen treatment! It stars Channing Tatum as an undercover cop and Dave Franco as raging drug dealer. Since […]

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Channing Tatum’s Burnt Penis Improves “The Eagle”

‘The Eagle’ director Kevin MacDonald claims that the burn that Channing Tatum suffered to his penis on set of the film improved his acting. You may remember that Channing suffered burns to his penis because […]

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